Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

July 6, 2009

Home At Last!

As good and exciting as it is to go up to Alberta for Fibre Week and my Master Spinner Program, it's so good to get home. I've had a day to regroup, do laundry, unpack, and wean the last three lambs. Here's a link to my photo gallery with over 100 pictures from Fibre Week.

Now it's "go time"! I came home to four bags of roving and two batts from the mill. AND, because I took on the task of being the Spin Off judge for this year's Michigan International Alpaca Fest (MIAF) in September, I came home to 76 entries of alpaca fiber (each in 2 oz bags) waiting to be spun and judged. Here are some pics:

Fine Morrit Corriedale roving, Coopworth/Natural Color BFL blend, Cormo/BFL blend in a two-way swirl and a three-way swirl, two batts.

Cormo/BFL two-way swirl (navy blue and chartreuse) and three-way swirl (yellow, burnt orange, and crimson)

76 entries of alpaca fiber (Huacaya and Suri) to be spun and judged.

I definitely have enough fiber to fondle and work with. Endless possibilites! So if you thought I fell off the face of the earth, don't worry....I'm just cranking out samples on my wheel in my spinning room.


Brian said...


That is a great blog! And great pictures too!

The Land Sciences Building looks high tech!

The hand spun, hand dried, bright colored with geometric shapes entry was my favorite. What kind of fabric was that?

Love ya,


Claire said...

But wait, wait!! How did you do on the test! I was waiting to hear that you passed with flying colours, just to dispel that dream! I guess you don't HAVE to tell us if you don't want to, but...the suspense is killin' us!

Carol said...

Hi Claire,
I did get an 89.5 on my test. Not as high as I would of liked, but it's good. As an undergrad and graduate student I was much more fixated on high test scores, but at this point in my life an 89.5 is just fine. Now I'm more focused and interested in spinning and tending to my critters :-)!

Oli said...

76 entries? Wow, Good luck with that. You are going to be busy until next june. :P

Carol said...

Hey Oli Guy,
You want to help with the spinning? Pleeaaaassseee! LvYa :-)

Claire said...

Carol - I think that's an excellent score! As a fellow "mature student" (went back to school at almost 40 for my law degree) I know the changes that come with time and expectations. My grad school years were hyper-sensitive about grades. Now, as long as I get a B, I'm fine with that. My work reimburses the course and I still have time to be working full time and taking care of the farm critters. Amazing how life changes our self-expectations isn't it?! Two years to go for me....maybe after that I'll consider the spinning program you are doing. You can give me hints and tips!