Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

August 22, 2010

Michigan Fiber Fest

Whew! Finally home from the MFF weekend. Nice weekend but exhausting. The sheep were very happy to get home and back to their pasture and freedom. I think the best thing that happened over the weekend was the two Lincoln Longwools got sheared and we picked up our new ram, Clyde. He's awesome with a great personality. He will make a great addition to our flock. Here are some pics: 
Huck and Homer - Lincoln Longwools. Won fourth in Pair of Ram Lambs class.

Wool on the hoof just before shearing.

Wool before shearing.

After shearing - happy boys.

Clyde - won first place in Junior Ram Lamb class.

Clyde and sheep grandpa making a funny!

Gussy won fourth in Junior Ewe Lamb class.
Lilly and Marla won third in Pair of Ewe Lamb class.
I also picked up a couple of really nice Pygora fleeces, dyed Angora locks, and two ounces of Qiviut roving. Want to get my hands into the fiber.


Tracy said...

Love your sheep!

Somerhill said...

Looks like fun! Clyde is beautiful!