Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

June 27, 2010

Fibre Week 2010 - Day 2

Another day packed with wool, wool, wool. Spent the day judging fleeces set up as a wool show. Linda Wendelboe was the instructor and she is a wealth of knowledge. I could just sit and listen to her talk about sheep all day. There was this gorgeous English Leicester fleece that found its way home with me. It's actually half a fleece but is very good size. It's natural color and spectacular! Here are some pics of the wool judging class:

Linda Wendelboe (red apron) talking about sheep and wool.

Finished products made from Shetland wool...absolutely gorgeous!

Me judging a natural colored fleece.

The actual wool show. About 50 fleeces to be judged.

Yoga in the morning great...the best way to start the day. Yoga and spinning really are synonymous with reaching that place inside that really rejuvenates the soul. And the massage at the end of the day was icing on the cake or I should say the raspberries in the fruit bowl (I like that image much better than cake).

The kick off social event was this evening with Cat Bordhi as the keynote speaker. She gave a wonderful talk about basically getting the whole world to knit and spin (I agree!). Of course I wandered around chatting with people and looking at all the wonderful fleeces (wool, alpaca, llama, mohair, cashmere)...a spinner's dream.

The vendors in the "merchant mall". Exquisite stuff!

Tomorrow starts the Master Spinner course (Level 3). Five days of intense instruction and spinning. The requirements start to get pretty technical in the level but I've heard our instructor (Michele Boyd) is awesome, so that helps. But first I have to label my 25 sample skeins for tomorrow mornings dye class.

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