Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

June 30, 2009

Master Spinner Program (Level 2) - Day 2

After a few cool, breezy days it finally started raining here in Olds, Alberta. A wind blew in last night that got the tree branches dancin' a wild, crazy dance! It was some wind. It's much cooler this year than last, but it's nice all the same.

Day 2:
Today in class we looked at about five fleeces from different breeds: Corriedale, Merino, Romney, Lincoln, and Gotland. We talked about the different characteristics of each fleece. I did a presentation on Bluefaced Leicesters and got ahold of a handful of washed locks to give to my fellow students. The locks were from a Canadian breeder whose fleeces won many of this year's top awards in the fleece show. There are some gorgeous fleeces here.

We combed wool to spin a truly worsted yarn while still working on our twists per inch, wraps per inch, and twist angle. We also did a lot of hand carding and learned to make nice rolags (still can't get them to look like Gayle's, our instructor). Using the rolags we attempted to make a true woollen yarn. We're getting there. We also practiced more of the spinning techniques: the long draw, point of contact, etc.

The Level 4 group was reeling silk so we took a break and went down to their room to watch. Very awesome. I took pics and will post when I get home.

Tonight is a get together and a "fashion show" where anyone who hand made something within the last year can model it (or have it modeled). There is some truly beautiful work. I marvel at the talent that people have. To celebrate the 2009 Year of the Natural Fiber, entries were submitted of items hand made with natural fibers. The winner will be announced tonight as well as the winners of the silent auction items and fleeces from the wool show, alpaca show, llama show, and mohair show.

I have to wash some wool tonight so tomorrow I can continue with the exercise of calculating the wool needed for a sweater. I chose Corriedale for my exercise. I plan to comb it with hand combs (love the combing).

So I have to run because the events will start soon and I have to grab something to eat first.

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Claire said...

Wool show, alpaca show, llama show, AND mohair show.....oh my goodness, I would lose myself in piles of fiber. Sounds like a dreamy day. I'm getting very envious!