Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

June 26, 2009

Albert Bound!

In a few hours I'll be taking off for nine days in Alberta for my Level 2 year of the Master Spinner program at Olds College. Ooooo...I can't wait to get there. The college grounds are blooming with the work from the horticultural program and it's absolutely lovely. I'll try and post a few entries during my stay, but wanted to leave you with some pics of my Angoras and BFLs (mostly the lambs). I'll miss them, but they are in good hands!

One of the new Satin Angoras

Satin Angora checking out the surroundings.

The two Satins are named Rumplestilskin and Goldfinger. Can't tell by the pics which is which.Just got the Satins last week at seven weeks old. They're settling in well.

Here's Striker, a German Angora - one year old.

Striker trying to stay cool.

This is Dark Shadow, a German/English Angora mix.

Amos - yearling ram.

Some of the 2009 lamb.

2009 lambs.

Good buddies.


Somerhill said...

I didn't know you had angoras, too!
My Satins are my favorites (don't tell the French) :^)
have a good trip!

Carol said...

I got the Satins about a week ago and the other guys in May. The Satins are eight weeks old. Got them from a few people in my guild. Just wanted a few for the wool. No breeding plans, they are all bucks. I REALLY like them and can't wait to see how the Satins' wool comes in. I marvel over yours when you post pics on your blog. :-)