Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

Chronicles of a yarn farmer, shepherdess, and fiber geek!

January 26, 2009

Opossum Fiber?

Well almost. You can image the surprise when MDH (my dear husband) found this portly opossum wedged between some gates and fence in a corner of the barn leading to an opening where it traveled back and forth from outside. Or I should say waddled back and forth. Apparently it chowed on cat food for some time and gained enough weight that it got stuck in the gates/fences while trying to exit the barn. Unfortunately it couldn't wedge itself free, died in the stuck position, and froze. Poor opossum.

This past weekend Steve was doing some barn rearranging to set up for lambing when he discovered the frozen furball (in great form I might add). As I was taking pics I thought, hmmmm, I wonder how that fur would spin up. I ran my hand through its fur and imagined a soft, lace weight yarn.....but just couldn't. I'd have to clip it right then before its body was taken care of. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'll stick with my wool, alpaca, llama, and other fabulous fiber that's waiting for me in my spinning room.


Here's a pic of the ewes (minus one) checking out the opossum.


Somerhill said...

Carol, there is a lesson here for us all - avoid gluttony!
Too funny. :^)

Alpaca Granny said...

I'm thinking possoms can't be terribly bright....